3 Things (Vol. 7)

Hello, dear friend. Early this week didn’t quite go as planned. No blog post went up on Monday… instead, I spent a quiet day snuggling the kids & getting plenty of rest. The weekend was insanely busy, & I knew I just needed to take a day. The tea was plentiful, & I made sure to play a quiet, calm show for the kids when I needed a break from the incessant questions Z-man has been asking. 😆 I scribbled down ideas for my newest project, 30 Days of Slow. (You can sign up to join at the bottom of the post!)


3 Things Vol. 7 - Thought provoking words, an amazing recipe, & practicing mindfulness. Click to read more!

  1. This Lemon Chicken & Spaghetti Squash recipe!
    Naturally, I changed it up… because I forgot a few of the ingredients (chicken broth & lemon. 😁) It was a hit with Hubs! The kids weren’t as enthusiastic as we were.
  2. Live for those moments.
    Oh, this quote is sheer perfection. Mia’s instagram feed is stunning, too! Full of inspirational quotes, color, & creativity. 😍
  3. Some thoughts on Mindfulness by The Fresh Exchange.
    This is a really good post about seeking to be mindful, & even has an awesome download that you can use to keep yourself on track. It’s a really good read, & is perfect for this season of early (COLD) spring. 😌

How was your week? I’d love to know…
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