3 Things (Vol. 9).

Hello again, friend! It’s been a busy week over here, & I’m looking forward to a joyfully busy weekend. This week I’m hoping to begin renovating my vintage camper & turning it into a studio. I have a LOT of new products planned, & I could really use a space to spread out, without trying to squeeze more craft supplies into our tiny (ish!) home! The camper will be a space for me to screen print & create, while the kids can be right outside playing in a nice fenced-in area. 😍 I can’t wait to share more about it with you!

This month, I’m talking a lot about Self-Care… so today’s 3 Things is going to follow the theme! Here we go…

3Things: Vol 9- 3 Things I love for self-care... amazing sea salt spray, & a stunning diffuser necklace from Lava Essentials!

  1. Coddiwomple. Ummm… could this word be any more perfect? I mean. There’s nothing I love more than traveling towards a vague destination, & purposing to enjoy the trip. 😍 This is basically my travel-goals & self-care all rolled into a nice, neat package. Coddiwomple. Yep. It’s perfect. 😆
  2. Marc Anthony’s Beach Spray. I actually just bought this today. As soon as I came home, I had to try it out… & I love the texture & volume it gives my hair! I’m a low-maintanance girl when it come to hair care No styling, blow-drying, or much of anything. Having something that will help my hair hold the natural wave is spot-on. 👌🏼
  3. Lava Essential’s Minimalist Dainty Triangle Necklace. I am in LOVE with this simple necklace, & it’s 100% on my must-have list. I may just splurge & buy myself one… SOON. I don’t usually wear jewelry, but having a simple necklace like this, that is not only stunning, but useful? It’s a Must-Have.

Here’s to a good weekend! May your children nap, & may you have lots of fun with those you love. 😉

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