Embracing Everyday Moments

I get so busy. Running here and there, trying to do ALL the things… honestly, getting very little done. I looked up and realized that somehow my babies are toddlers. Took a breath, and another week was gone. I stopped for a minute, and realized a month had flown by, and I hadn’t gone on a date with my guy.

Embracing Everyday Moments - if we aren't living in the present, the time we waste is so permanently Gone. Click to read more!



When did life get so busy that I forgot to embrace everyday moments?

Here’s the hard truth: I only get to do this life once. Sometimes the days feel long and I fill them up with busywork or wish for the weekend to come around again. Confession: I get WAY too caught up in my to-do list. All those things that have to be done seem to get in my way. I get so focused on planning for the future that I forget to enjoy the blessings right in front of my face. But these days are fleeting, and I’ll never get them back.

These daily moments are all we have. Each day, month, and year are lived out in moments. Are we embracing them fully, or wasting them? Some of my favorite memories are the times that were spent slowing down. Sitting on the front steps with my Nana, listening to the birds sing and sipping our coffee. Staying up super late to go on a date with Hubs. Rocking on the front porch with the family and listening to everyone tell stories about the “good ole’ days”.

Embracing Everyday Moments - if we aren't living in the present, the time we waste is so permanently Gone. Click to read more!

How, then can we purpose to notice the moments we have?

The best thing I can do is to just take a step back. I have to remind myself to be present each and every day. Take the time to see the sweet, simple things of each day. Stepping back requires a mindset change. It means that I need to be more willing to notice everyday moments, instead of focusing on the busywork of life.

I also need to set my focus on relationships (and not on daily tasks). Sure, the work still has to be done. But will I waste time worrying and fretting over not getting it all done, or will I stop and watch the kids play together? I want to create space to notice and focus on the sweet moments, and quit stressing over the other things. In the end, which is going to matter more: the lives we touch, or the accomplishments notched onto our belts?

SLOW. DOWN. Seriously. I get so caught up in the rat race of living… my brain never stops thinking of all the things I’m supposed to be doing to take care of a home, raise the kids, and run a business. It’s a never-ending cycle! I’m also crazy-forgetful, which doesn’t help, because I forget half of the things I need to do, and then have to think about them over and over until they get done. 😂 Focusing on slow living really helps me make everyday moments a priority.

Embracing Everyday Moments - if we aren't living in the present, the time we waste is so permanently Gone. Click to read more!

Sometimes I just need to make time. The pressures of life will never really go away… as my Nana Anne used to say “It will be there in the morning!” (She usually told my Mom this if she wanted us to go yardsaling, and we were supposed to do homework. 😆) There are times when the chores should be put on hold so I can go to a friend’s house or let the kids smear play-dough all over the table.

Embracing Everyday Moments - if we aren't living in the present, the time we waste is so permanently Gone. Click to read more!

These everyday moments are where it’s at. That’s where the good stuff of life is found. The everyday moments, like when you first noticed that cute guy and started falling in love. When you realize just how much your grandfather has experienced, and wonder if anyone has taken the time to write it down. That time your turned around and caught your toddlers hugging each other (instead of fighting)! These moments are where we find joy. They make up the best ways that we can connect and relate to those closest to us.


Tell me; how are you going to make time for more moments this week?

Do More Than Just Exist: Curate a Life You LOVE.

In this age of social media and having an online presence, we can get caught up in the “perfection” of it all. We curate Everything. How people see us, what we say and don’t say. How others see our lives on social media and in public. Curating our online presence isn’t always a BAD thing… I don’t want to share all about every crummy day that I have. I make a choice to not share things that aren’t uplifting and life-giving.

But I want to ask:
Are we curating our daily lives?

Let me explain:

I believe that we can curate a life that we love. We have the power to choose what we focus on; whether it’s the good, or the bad. We can select the things we want to allow space in our lives. You have the ability to choose the beauty, meaningful work, and the lifestyle that lights you up inside. Organizing happens when we decide what is most important in our lives, & we begin to create systems and rhythms that help us enjoy our daily lives more. We can present the world to ourselves in a beautiful light, or we can focus on the negative and be miserable.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not talking about a perfect life. Life happens. Relationships and emotions and EVERYTHING can be complicated. It’s not something that we can avoid. I’m not telling you that you can have a “pinterest-perfect” life, but I am telling you that it’s possible to love this amazing thing we call life. Life can be more than just going through the motions of each day, checking off that to-do list, and starting over again the next morning.

Curate a Life you Love - I'm not talking about a perfect life, but life can be more than just going through the motions every day.

So… how can we Curate a Life we Love?


Be Willing to Say NO.

If we are to start curating a life we love, we have to be willing to say NO. There are going to be things that we don’t want to do, and things that we aren’t interested in doing. But I have had times where I still say “yes” to things I don’t want to make space for in my life? Part of this is because of my desire to people-please. The other part is because I just don’t like saying no. I’m learning that I have to be more willing to say no if I want to curate a life that I love!

Look for the Beautiful.

Our mindset is directly affected by what we focus on. Am I choosing to focus on the beautiful moments in life, or dwelling on the bad stuff? If I dwell too long on the crummy moments, my joy begins to fade. I’m trying to learn how to let go of the things that annoy or frustrate me, and focus more on what is beautiful. Instead of complaining about the things that annoyed me today, I’m learning to focus on chasing wonderment. The times the kids snuggled and hugged each other is what I want to remember, not how they fought for two hours straight.


Seek What Brings you Joy

Each day, look for things that bring you joy. Instead of just drinking your coffee for the energy boost, take time to smell it. Too quickly I can get caught up in my to-do list, and I forget to actually ENJOY the good things in life. Stop yourself. Listen to the birds singing in the morning, or the crickets chirping at dusk. I love certain smells (ahem… coffee… 😆) and stopping on the side of the road to watch the sunset. When something brings you joy, focus on it, and make time to enjoy it!


Here’s the long and short of this whole, long post: You can CHOOSE to find joy right where you are. It’s not always easy… and sometimes life is really tough, and there’s aren’t any rainbows (yet). But I know from experience that often things aren’t as bad as they seem… I’m just too busy being focused on the bad stuff. The less-than pleasant things, like the toddlers fighting or the aches and pains I’m feeling. If I take a step back and look with an eye for curating, I begin to see more and more beauty.


How can you begin to Curate a life you love?

Letting Go of People-Pleasing

You feel it hanging over you like a heavy weight. The worry. The stress. You have guilt over decisions that should be simple, or you constantly second-guess each interaction you have. What if you said the wrong thing? It’s like there’s a constant, people-pleasing radar in your head, trying to figure out what everyone else thinks about you.

It’s the lot of highly sensitive, empathetic people everywhere; we desperately want to make everyone happy. We’re plagued by the worries of every single thing we could’ve said wrong. How do we let go of the weight of these supposed expectations?

Whole Living Tank Top

Well, here’s some truth: Some of these expectations are real, and some aren’t. Some of the stress we feel isn’t even necessary! They’re things our wild imaginations have dreamed up due to stress, overwhelm, or just misunderstanding people. But there ARE real expectations. Expectations of how you’re supposed to act, or how others want you to respond in certain situations. There are those people who think you’re supposed to drop everything to wait on them hand and foot (aka: TODDLERS. 😂).

The problem with real (or false) expectations is that we’re stressing out over the unknown, not the actual problem. I don’t worry about actually saying “no” to someone… I worry about hurting or upsetting them. The truth is: I want to make EVERYONE happy. 

The desire to make everyone happy is not only exhausting, it's downright impossible. (For real.)


So, how can we stop people pleasing?


To be perfectly honest, I’m still trying to figure this out. I struggle every day with people-pleasing. To make life perfect for my family. When I feel like I’ve failed, I want to curl up and become a professional couch potato. I’e spent days contemplating what I said or did wrong (for days!), or what I could’ve possibly done to get a different outcome.

I have found that there are a few things that help me stay focused on the truth as I try to combat my tendency to people-please.

Letting go of People-Pleasing. (It's impossible to make everyone happy!)


Keep Your Eyes on the Prize:

No matter what someone else may (or may not!) expect from you, their ideals for life are different from yours, Do you know what your dream life would look like? If other people have their goals lined up for their life, it’s up to them to make it happen. Not You. Keep your eyes on your own ideal of living well, because that’s what your goal is.

Remember the Season You’re in:

Life has ebbs and flows. Sometimes it’s busy, sometimes it’s restful. Other times, it’s downright stressful. Don’t allow someone else’s season of life to make you feel guilty or less-than because you’re in a different stage right now. If you’re taking time to rest, and they’re asking you to add more commitments, it’s okay to say No.

Realize That Everyone is Different:

If you’re a “feeler” surrounded by friends and family who are “thinkers,” you’re going to have some major differences. It’s no fault of theirs, that just base their decisions on logic instead of feelings! They may logically ask you to do something, without realizing that you’re looking at the situation from a totally different (emotional) angle.

Have you ever taken the Meyer’s Briggs personality test? Click Here to find our if you’re a thinker or a feeler! (You’ll see a T or an F in your answer!)

Don’t OWN everyone else’s expectations:

Just because someone expects something from you doesn’t mean that you have to do it. Their ideas and goals are probably different from yours! If their expectations don’t match your to-do list, it’s not your job to fit it in. Your job isn’t to make everyone happy; it’s to chase down the dreams that God has tucked away inside your heart.

It IS possible to stop People-Pleasing:

Lastly, know that it IS possible to find a balance between loving on people you care about, and knowing when to say “No”. It’s also possible to say no and not second-guess that decision! For me, it takes a lot of journaling, wisdom from those who know me best, pep-talks, and a LOT of prayer… but it IS possible to live guilt-free! It’s a daily process.


Letting go of People-Pleasing. (It's impossible to make everyone happy!)

I hope you know, dear friend, that you are not alone. It is a HUGE blessing to be an empath, because we can tune in to emotions and feelings in an incredible way. It’s also really hard for those of us who struggle with people-pleasing. We have to learn how to put up boundaries & make definitive decisions. It’s something that takes a lot of time and experience to learn!


How can you let go of people-pleasing Today?

What is Chasing Wonderment?

Do you remember when you were a child, and everything new you experienced seemed so… Magical? I remember going to the aquatic museum and getting to feel a manta ray for the first time. That feeling of water and creature gliding under my fingertips made my eyes light up with wonder and delight. (I always wanted to be a mermaid.) Somehow as we get older that changes. Things surprise and amaze us less and less. Everything is “normal”. Life becomes mundane as we travel from home to work, to the gym, then back home again. In a few short years, our sense of wonder goes from overdrive to nonexistent. Can we get back to chasing wonderment?

Why have we lost our sense of wonder? This world is full of so many incredible things… it’s so big that we probably couldn’t experience all of the wonders the world holds. But we allow it to become mundane. We forget to find wonder in the small moments, and don’t make time to sit in awe at God’s creation. To revel in the beauty of this amazing world… this amazing LIFE.

Chasing Wonderment is about recapturing that sense of awe again…

 and NEVER letting it go.

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Why have we lost our sense of Wonder?

Honestly, it’s because we grow up. We get lost in the mundane things of life. The coffee perks in the morning, just like it does every day. When was the last time you stopped to just smell that good roasted scent of freshly ground coffee? The drive to and from work is the same all week, but when was the last time you stopped to look at the sunset on your way home? We get SO caught up in our daily, grown-up lives that we forget to look for the magic in the incredible life we’ve been given.


How can we seek Wonderment?

Is it possible to chase wonderment in the daily-ness of life? Ummm… YES! I am learning that wonderment is EVERYWHERE. You just have to open you eyes and look for it. Look for the sight of the autumn leaves covering the ground, or the full moon. Sometimes, you have to open your nose and smell it. It’s found in the smell of the air when autumn closes in, or maybe the scent of your special someone’s favorite cologne. Awaken your senses and start seeking… start chasing.


What does Chasing Wonderment look like?

What awakens a sense of wonderment and awe is different for everyone. For me, I have to intentionally slow down and take time to notice the beauty all around me. (30 Days of Slow has helped me so much with this!) Smell the amazing smells, laugh and share life with amazing people. How about you? What brings you a sense of wonderment? Is it seeing your goals accomplished? Is your sense of wonderment very connected to one or two of your senses?


Chasing Wonderment: Living a life FULL of wonder and magic.


I don’t want to lose my sense of wonderment ever again. I plan on living life to the absolute fullest. I’m with Peter Pan when he said “I WON’T grow up!” because I won’t outgrow the wonder of living again. Instead, I want to chase it. To seek it out, and never forget what it feels like. Would you like to join me?


Over on Instagram, I’m sharing photos of my moments of wonderment. Do you feel in awe while hiking a trail, or when you hear the birds as you sip your coffee in the quiet of the morning? Share it with others using the hashtag

#chasingwonderment !


Adventure – Are You Ready to Chase Wonderment?

Adventure. The idea sends that good kind of chill down my spine. It usually makes me long for something new. Something different and exciting. Adventures tend to look very different (for me, anyway!) This time of year always give me the travel bug. As a kid, my family always took our vacations in the fall, & we would traverse the East Coast looking for antiques and museums. When I wake up and feel an autumn chill in the morning air?  All I want is a cup o’ joe and a car with good fuel mileage. 😉

Other adventures also take hold of my heart… brainstorming new creative ideas, or seeking new business opportunities. There are times when I just have to try something new. I might see a project on Pinterest, or get the urge to pack the kids up in their jammies to look at Christmas lights. Adventure is everywhere, no matter if you live a busy life, or want to lead a quiet life.

Wake Up And Smell the Endless Possibility - 4 Tips to help get ready for ANY adventure!

Adventure looks SO very different for each one of us. For me, it’s a good mix of staying at home and taking gypsy adventures when the wild blows just right. You might prefer traveling the world for years, or never leaving home since you have a good book and a cup o’ joe. The best part of life is chasing after wonderment… it helps keep life exciting, so we don’t get stuck when life feels mundane.


So… how can we chase Wonderment each day?


Be Ready:

No matter where you are in your life, there are always new opportunities. Have you ever almost “felt” an adventure coming your way? I get that “gypsy” feeling, and I’m ready and waiting for something new to show up on the horizon. Other times the adventure shows up before I’m expecting it, and I have to readjust my sails and head in a new direction.


Follow Your Gut.

Have you ever had moments where you can just sense that you’re chasing the right dream? Or, you suddenly have that gut feeling that you need to let a plan go, and move on? It’s that “gut instinct”  (For me, I think it’s often the Holy Spirit!) that you just have to go with, no matter what. If someone says it’s not a good idea, but you feel like you need to go there… then go. Chase it. Don’t be afraid to head down that path, and see where wonderment takes you!


Roll With It.


Wonderment doesn’t always end up how we expect it. I started Corner Chair over 5 years ago, and had not planned on changing my business name at ALL! But, suddenly… a new adventure was in front of me, and it’s been so much fun to see this space change in just a few weeks. Sometimes when a new adventure shows up in your path, it’s unexpected. I’ve found the unexpected adventures are often my favorites. ☺️ Just Roll with it!


Enjoy the Ride!

Sometimes I have to remind myself to enjoy the excitement of life! I get caught up in daily tasks, or get bent out of shape when my plans don’t go exactly as I had expected. That’s the beauty of this life… it always has twists and turns that we aren’t expecting. So; do you want to fight against every turn this crazy roller coaster takes, or raise your hands up high and scream?

Adventure - How to get ready for Any adventure that comes your way!


Are you ready for another adventure? Can you feel the excitement that comes with it? Let me remind you: the God who made us is Infinite. His creativity is ENDLESS, and He wants us to be ready for all the crazy ideas he’s got planned. Its not always going to be easy. We’ll encounter all kinds of hard things. But I can promise you this; it’s totally worth it.


What new adventure are you heading towards next?


Dealing with Overwhelm

We all have those things that set us up for a bad day. (C’mon, you can’t tell me you don’t have bad days!) Feeling cranky or “off” tends to lead my to feeling worse and worse, until I have to deal with my overwhelm. Like yesterday. I woke up feeling cranky. I had felt a tiny bit cranky the day before, but I managed to push through. But I didn’t want to get out of bed. Nothing was wrong. But nothing felt “right”, either.

Days like this used to stop me in my tracks.

I’m learning, though. I recently read “If God calls you to do something, He will equip you to accomplish it.” That has really given me a LOT of encouragement and faith to fight my own battle of overwhelm. And it’s working. I’m learning to deal with feeling overwhelmed, and I’m also learning how to tell when overwhelm is coming on.

If He has called me to motherhood, then He will give me grace to be a good mom. If He has called me to run a business, then He will give me wisdom to balance everything. So how do we go about fighting overwhelm?

Dealing with Overwhelm - Find your triggers and apply these three tips to help fight overwhelm!

Figure out your physical and emotional “triggers.”

I’ve learned what some of my physical and emotional triggers are. Perhaps this list will help you determine your own!

Physical Triggers:

  • Too much “busy” in one week
  • Not enough self-care
  • Cranky kids
  • A Cranky Me 😂

Emotional Triggers:

  • When I wake up and feel SUPER sluggish and bored.
  • If I don’t have lots of energy or excitement about my plans or goals.
  • When my temper is on a hair-pin trigger for no reason at all.

If you’re dealing with overwhelm, I hope you’ll take some time to figure out some of your own triggers. Are there circumstances that seem to aggravate that feeling? Do you find yourself feeling a certain way emotionally? Ponder it, pray about it, maybe even journal about it! Then…


Use It to Deal With Overwhelm.

(Yep. It’s pretty obvious.)

Like yesterday, I could tell I was feeling downright cranky. Nothing was wrong, but nothing felt right. I was snapping at the kids, micromanaging everything, and didn’t want to get out of bed. I had two options: Stay in the mindset I was in, and slog through my day, OR, Fight It. It’s so much easier to fight once you understand what your triggers are!

Dealing with Overwhelm - Find your triggers and apply these three tips to help fight overwhelm!


Try Some of These Steps to Deal with Overwhelm:


  1. Change your situation.

    Yesterday I made a quick decision to get out of my own way. I fed the kids breakfast, tagged a few products to go to a local shop, & headed out the door. It was SUCH a good change of pace for me and the kids! We ended up down at my Mom’s, where the kids wore themselves out playing on the swing set and watching Cars. 😀 I came home refreshed and energized.

  2. Lead with your HEAD, not your heart.

    I read this tip in a book I’ve been working my way through; “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” This tip has been a GOLD mine for my soul. I tend to put something off because I “don’t feel like it”… when in fact, that’s exactly when I should push myself to go the extra mile. Sometimes we don’t feel like it, and everything feels awful, but when you actually push through that feeling and DO something, life doesn’t seem so bad.

  3. “Don’t give up on Day 6.”

    Let me explain: I recently studied the story of Joshua & Jericho. He led the people of Israel marching around the walls of Jericho once a day for 6 days. On the 7th day, they marched around 7 times… & the walls CRUMBLED. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if he said “I don’t feel like it!” on Day 6? This might be your Day 6. You might have to slog through for one more day, before you see the walls come tumbling down… but wouldn’t it be worth!


These three tips have helped my fight the discouragement and overwhelm I feel. It’s amazing to see how much I’ve grown and matured… and to see that I’m getting to a place of living well. Would you like to learn more about living well, dealing with overwhelm, & stopping the “busy” of life? Click below to sign up for 30 Days of Slow, starting September 1st!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Hi, friend. Do you mind a story? It’s mine… so I hope I don’t bore you. ☺️ For a few years now, I have dealt with cycles of feeling completely overwhelmed. (Trying to run a business while raise two toddlers is EXHAUSTING, ya’ know?) I felt so much false guilt over that fact that I wasn’t really enjoying life, but I didn’t know what to do to change it. The more stressed I got, the more false guilt I felt. I was longing for MORE. I wanted adventure and mystery. Excitement, with new ideas and new prospects. Then I would feel guilty for not being content. (Yeah… for real.) I would pull myself out of the overwhelm for a while, only to find myself right back there a few days later. It was a never-ending cycle of overwhelmed YUCK. I often asked myself;

What would it take for me to love life?

Let me just tell you; Jesus is cool. It’s only by His grace that I can tell you: it IS possible to overcome feeling overwhelmed. He led me straight into the idea of Slow Living, & I started figuring out what that looked like when applied to my own life. I let my body rest. Took more naps, breaks, and began letting stressful things go instead of hanging on to them. As life began to slow down, the pressure to say “Yes” wasn’t stuck in the front of my mind anymore. The stress I had taken on (unnecessarily) beginning to subside. The next step was to stop allowing guilt over simple (STUPID) things. It has taken a while, but shutting off the “guilt switch” in my head is getting easier & easier. (Still working on that one!) A few months into this process, I realized:

Nothing had to change… except ME.

I found out that the overwhelming grace of Jesus can overwhelm everything else. I began to take more time for relationships. And for the first time in a while, I felt a glimmer of excitement for the unknown.

Feeling Overwhelmed? It's possible to learn how to defeat overwhelm, and experience the wonderment that life holds!


So: How did I begin to fight feeling overwhelmed?


  • I learned that saying “NO” gets you closer to living well. Learning that it’s okay to say it hard for some of us. We like to make others happy; or we really want to do All. The. Things. In reality, our overcommitting pushes us closer towards feeling overwhelmed.


  • I’ve learned that self care is KEY to defeating overwhelm. As a wife, mom, & business owner, I tend to let everything come before my own needs. It’s a great thing to take care of others, but it’s really hard to give when you’re not feeling well rested & filled. For me, overwhelm begins to build every time I put myself on the back-burner.


  • I’ve also learned that when I don’t take time for my faith, I’m setting myself up for feeling overwhelmed. (This is probably the MOST important point for me!) If my God has called me to do something, then shouldn’t I let Him help me stay strong and able while I’m following His lead. I try to set aside some “Jesus-time” each morning.


Learning how to rest & seek Jesus has helped me fight feeling overwhelmed.

I have begun heading down the path of living well this year. (It’s always a work in progress!) When we’re not feeling knocked over by overwhelm, we are able to see the beauty and joy that we’ve been given. It’s possible to experience the wonderment and adventure that life holds. I hope you’ll join me in chasing wonderment!


Would you like to learn more about Slow Living? Join me in September for:

Want to learn to deal with feeling overwhelmed? Join the 30 Days of Slow FREE September Challenge!

A Holy Unsettling.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been waiting. Waiting for the next big thing. The next idea, the next adventure. No matter how content I am, I always feel a little bit… unsettled. 

I’ve often fought against this feeling. Even experienced guilt over it, because I worry that I’m not living in contentment. The truth is, I’m pretty low-maintenance, & easily contented… but that feeling of being a little unsettled still lingers.

I sometimes call it the “gypsy” in my soul. At times, I can almost feel a new adventure coming. It’s like an excited tingling feeling going down my spine. When I step outside on a chilly fall morning, I want to jump in the car & drive to places unknown. Sometimes it’s not connected with going somewhere, but instead I feel the urge to DO something. Move into a new area, learn something, connect with more people. Talk about hard and holy things.

One day last week, I was listening to Jess Connelly speak about her upcoming book, Dance, Stand, Run. I heard her say: “I was feeling… unsettled.” “Wait.. WHAT?” I stopped chopping chicken & leaned in closer to hear. As she recounted the story of asking for prayer over this “unsettled” feeling, she shared something incredibly profound:

I think your soul is meant to feel a little bit unsettled.

Let me tell you; that stopped me dead in my tracks. I stopped prepping dinner & paused the video. I’ve pondered over it, prayed over it… mused on it for days.

Perhaps our souls are meant to feel a little bit unsettled. After all, that unsettled feeling creates an atmosphere of readiness for whatever adventure God calls me into next. If I was settled, I might not want to change plans at the last minute to follow his call. (Like the Corner Chair Rebrand!) We aren’t meant to be settled too deeply into this world, right? There’s always going to be that tug to another life. That inner longing to go somewhere better. Maybe it’s a Holy unsettling.

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on the earth. ~Colossians 3:2

Do you feel that unsettled feeling deep in your soul? The next time you do; take some time & see if it’s a Holy unsettling.

Let me encourage you to:

  • Ponder it:

Pray that contentment would fill your heart, no matter how unsettled you feel. Ask God for guidance as you search out the unsettling. If there something (or someone) tugging at your heart-strings, then start searching it out.

  • Seek Change:

If that unsettled feeling is really from God, He won’t give it to you without (eventually) showing you what to do with it. Seek His face, & see if that unsettled feeling is leading you anywhere.

  • Get Ready!

Whenever I feel that Holy unsettling, there’s almost always an adventure around the corner. It might be a day out caring for dear friends, or a week spent on something that I hadn’t planned on… there’s usually something exciting waiting around the corner.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been waiting. Waiting for the next big thing. The next idea, the next adventure. No matter how content I am, I always feel a little bit... unsettled. Click to keep reading!


May we always feel settled in God… forever and ever, amen. 👌🏻 But perhaps we’re meant to feel a little bit unsettled here. Maybe that’s just another way God can remind us that we’re not of this world. Maybe… just maybe… it’s His way of keeping our hearts always ready for the incredible adventures He longs to take us on.


Have your ever felt a Holy Unsettling?



Corner Chair REBRAND!

Hello friend!

It looks a bit different around here, doesn’t it? ☺️ In case you didn’t notice the new logo… & name… etc… I’ll start at the beginning of the story.

The Beginning:

Corner Chair was started when I was a young bride, searching for some normalcy after my idealistic (selfish) brain realized that marriage looked different than what I had dreamed about my whole life. Quite honestly: I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had accomplished my biggest goals, & didn’t know what to dream about next. I’m a dreamer by nature; constantly seeking out new ideas & adventures. Caring for the additions to our family was an amazing new adventure, but I still craved MORE. I just didn’t know what.

So, Corner Chair began. (I started drawing in the corner office of Hubs’ family business… thus the name.) It felt… Comfortable. I began learning… about business, about balancing family & creativity. I couldn’t ask for a better partner… Hubs’ love & grace was unending as I stumbled to learn all my new roles. (God really does know what He’s doing!) This space grew along with me, experiencing growing pains, new logos, & countless new product ideas. 😆 When I began planning the Campfires Collection, I could sense that Corner Chair was about to change. I could see my mission growing, along with my heart. I longed to share more of my heart, instead of just what I was creating.

Re-branding has crossed my mind a few times, but the thought felt daunting. The timing wasn’t right, & instead of plummeting head-first into a crazy new idea (my usual habit!), I felt very content. There was no need to change a good thing, right?


Last week I was enjoying the quiet of the morning, scribbling in my journal, & drinking coffee. Out of the blue, it was VERY clear to me that it was time to rebrand. It was almost as if I heard someone say: “You’ve outgrown Corner Chair.” Immediately I started dreaming. Planning. Thinking.

This will take a few months…” I told myself & Hubs. I began the process of creating; coming up with ideas & figuring out how to flesh them out. Brainstorming is one of my favorite pastimes. The thesaurus was my new best friend. Wanderlust… Freedom, Wild Adventure. I stumbled on a phrase that I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It matched everything I dream about sharing with you. Everything I’m learning & growing in.

I scribbled my thoughts & prayers in my journal. “Am I moving too fast? Should I be investing in this right now? Am I crazy?” I questioned morning after morning in my journal. I felt like the Lord was saying “When will you trust me?” That phrase kept running through my head like it was on auto-pilot. So, I did what I do best:

I rushed headlong into a crazy new idea. 😂



I still have a long way to go. Mostly, there’s a lot of technical stuff that will take time to change. I hope to begin filling the shop with simple, beautiful items for your home, your wardrobe, and your daily life. But here’s my hope for this space:

I want to encourage you to be FREE. To chase after the dreams
God has put in your heart with wild abandon. To seek wonder,
and follow the bit of gypsy in your soul. I want you to feel
encouraged, undone by grace, and know that you are loved.


Will you join me?


Free Essential Oil Labels – for Homemade Blends

I’m an all-natural kind of girl… organic food (as we can afford it), & all natural cleaners for our home. Making my own essential oils blends to aide health & wellness is right up my alley… we have tubes, bottles & sprays floating around the house! The only problem is that I didn’t have any matching labels for all the glass containers that we have. Some had washi tape around the lid to remind me what it is, & others had a makeshift label. A few didn’t have a label at all, & I just went by scent. 😂 I decided I needed a set of matching labels for my essential oils blends! Since I was already making a set for myself…. I thought I’d share the love!


Would you like your own set of FREE printable essential oil labels? I thought so. 😆

Free Essential Oil Labels for home made blends! - Free PDF Download!

Let me tell you more about them:


  • The Basics:

    Our family uses Young Living oils, but the “Thieves” label is the only brand-specific label in the set. All the other labels are great for whatever blends you decide to create! The print-out has crop marks, so either use a ruler to connect the lines, or a large paper cutter to separate the labels. I printed mine on a full sheet of sticker paper, & then used clear packing tape to adhere them to the bottles. (The packing tape makes them waterproof!)

  • Where to Find Recipes:

    If you’re looking for great blends, my favorite go-to spot is always Pinterest! Just use the search bar for the blend/aide you’re looking for. “Stress Essential Oil Blend” brings up some great options!

  • The Roller Bottle Labels:

    There are 20 Roller Bottle Labels, including: allergies, stress, sleep, & even tummy troubles. I’ve also included “His/Hers” & “Boy/Girl” labels. We use these to create a special blend for each of us, including some of the oils we typically scan for (using Young Living’s Itovi Scanner). My children almost always scan for a relaxation/stress relieving oil, as well as focus/concentration oils! I usually scan for oils that aid in creativity, focus, stress, & inspiration.

  • Spray Bottle Labels:

    There are 5 Spray Bottle Labels, sized for 4 oz. spray bottles. I use my spray bottles for homemade bug spray, sunburn aid, & various other sprays. I found a recipe for a hair blend that’s supposed to aid in strengthening & growing hair, & using Thieves to create a Hand Sanitizer can never hurt (plus, it smells SO good!).

  • The Cleaner Labels:

    We have also started replacing our household cleaners with less toxic (homemade) versions! I’ve included a few basic cleaner labels, in case you’d like to DIY a few blends yourself.


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Free Essential Oil Labels for home made blends! - Free PDF Download!

*The essential oils blends I use do not come from a licensed medical
professional, & aren’t meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
Do your own research & start conversations with doctors that you trust! 


Slow Living Giveaway!

Hello, friend!

I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Since I’m starting 30 Days of Slow again in September, I wanted to kick it off with an awesome giveaway! Everything here has either been handmade, or handpicked some lucky person. (I kind of wish I could sign up! 😆) 

SO. Let me tell you what you can win:

Corner Chair Giveaway... Sign up to win 5 hand-picked treasures!

  1. Hang-Knit Hanging Succulent Bowl

    (With a faux succulent!)

  2. $5 gift card to go towards anything in the shop!

    You can use it yourself, or share with a friend!

  3. Pottery Bowl from Target

    Isn’t it adorable?

  4. Set of 4 Hand-Knit Autumn Leaf Coasters 

    In 4 different sizes & colors! 

  5. #SLOWLIVING v-neck t-shirt in your size!

    (Available in S-XXL)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What is Slow Living?

Busy, busy, busy. These are very common words, & at the beginning of this year, I was letting them run my life. (And run me ragged. 😫) Most days you could find me frazzled & stressed as I tried to do All. The. Things. My patience was on a short fuse, & a spilled cup of milk could send me over the edge. “I’m SO overwhelmed!!!” was my go-to explanation when Hubs asked me how my day was. I was so BUSY. The ironic thing is: the more I rushed around, the less I seemed to get done. My days were cyclical; filled with frustration, busy, discontent, & stress.

One morning, I sat with my Bible & journal in my lap, trying to figure out how to do it all. I wondered how some other women seemed to manage their homes, families, & lives so EASILY. I heard a still, small voice whispering “Slow Down.” I didn’t know what that looked like, or how to even start. Since I was constantly tired, stressed, & cranky, I decided to start with my health. I began napping with the kids, taking supplements, & making sure I didn’t overbook my days & weeks. Slow Living was beginning to take over my life. I began to feel like my “cup” was full, instead of empty.

What is Slow Living? How to start creating a life you love.


So… What is Slow Living?

Slow Living could also be called “Intuitive Living.” It’s about slowing down, having less “busy” & creating a life you love. However, Slow is a very open-ended idea, & it looks different for every single person. The best way to find your own version of Slow is to learn to recognize what you need. What brings you calm & rest. To figure out what keeps you in the hamster wheel of stress & frustration. Slowing down is stopping the “busy” so you have time to re-evaluate what you need, want, & long for to live a good life. The beauty of Slow is that there are no rules. Slow living brings a freedom from busy, but only in a way that makes sense to YOU.

You might wonder: “If there are no rules for Slow Living, where do I even start?” Here are some simple starting points for seeking Slow as a way of life:

Think About The “Big Picture.”

When you are 90 years old, will you be happy with the life you lived? Will you regret binging on Netflix instead of writing that novel? Will you wish you had spent more time making memories with your loved ones, instead of yelling at them? How you spend your days is how you live your life. Honestly, I’m really good at seeing the “big picture” of the life that I want… but the daily application is hard for me. Often I will realize I just wasted 2 hours on my phone that I could’ve spent working towards something more lasting.

Take Care of Yourself.

The very first thing I did was begin to take care of myself. I know a lot of women naturally tend to neglect themselves while taking care of everyone else. (This is a big weakness of mine!) Are you eating enough? Getting enough sleep? Soak in the tub. Splurge & let yourself watch that Jane Austen movie. If you have little ones at home, get a babysitter (or a grandma!) so you can visit a cafe in peace. If you take care of yourself, you will be better equipped to take care of everything else.

Listen To Your Intuition.

The most important part of Slow Living is listening to your intuition. We have a God-given understanding of what our bodies, hearts, & minds need, but we tend to ignore it because of the glorification of “busy”. Start trying to listen to yourself in stressful situations. If you find yourself wearing a pair of cranky-pants, Slow. Down. Think about how you got those pants on… & how to get them off. The more you listen, the more in tune you will become to the things that trigger the stress, busy, & frustration in your life.


Do you want to learn more about Slow Living?

Sign up for 30 Days of Slow to get a guided tour into the world of living Slow. Each day I’ll unpack something I’ve learned about slow living, & you can ask questions, join a group of Slow Seekers on Facebook… as well as be entered in an AWESOME giveaway (details to be announced SOON!).

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