Embracing My Mess.

From the time I was a child, I knew my brain worked a little bit differently than the rest of my family. I was always the forgetful one, scatter-brained one. I lost pocketbooks frequently, had absolutely No sense of direction, & always had my Mom in stitches over the unique way I answered math problems. 😆 Creative thinking has always been my strong suit, & in school my book reports were a thing to behold.

My family loved me no matter how crazy I was, thankfully. Yet, somehow, I found myself more & more frustrated by the things I “failed” at. Why did I lose stuff so easily, or jump from idea to idea with even a second thought? There must be something wrong with me, right? I spent years wishing I could be less scattered & more analytical. Wishing my brain somehow worked more… normally. Differently… ANYTHING. Then, I read this quote:

It's time to embrace your natural "flaws" for what they are... a fun, unique part of an amazing you. Click to keep reading...

I’ve found myself learning to love the way my brain works. I have a GPS now if I get lost, & am learning that putting things away in the same place helps me remember things better. I’ve also learning to appreciate the creativity that comes so easily to me. I’m always coming up with new ideas; in fact… they multiply like bunnies!

I AM a mess. I still could love my head if it wasn’t attached to my neck. I still get town names confused with other town names that start with the same letters. I lost my purse in the house last week… it had fallen off it’s designated spot! 😂

But God doesn’t make mistakes. I can forget about my dish pile because I’m taking time to help a friend brainstorm ideas for her business. I can get lost, but I sure have un doing it! I’m the crazy one telling stories & laughing loudly… & I’m usually the last one to leave. I AM a mess… a crazy, glorious mess.

So are You.

It’s time to embrace your natural “flaws” for what they are… a fun, unique part of an amazing you. Isn’t it cool that the God who made the oceans & galaxies looked at the world & thought it needed one of you? You are a unique individual. There’s only one of you. Today, & every day after, I hope you embrace your own glorious mess!

What is one thing you’re thought is a “flaw” that is actually an awesome messy part of an amazing You?

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