Inspiration Round-Up {No. 3}

Oh my. This week has been AMAZING. Currently, I’m enjoying both kids napping {yes, at the SAME TIME!!!}, with a Spotify playlist in the background. It’s a wonderful feeling. And without further ado, here’s this week’s round-up:

Inspiration Round-Up {No. 3} from Corner Chair. This week, it's everything from books to veggie juice! 1. Current fav. pinterest board for decor: Place Michel. | 2. I finally bought this book… it’s amazing! | 3. I finally switched from Pandora to Spotify. My life is forever changed. | 4. This Quote. Oh, yes. | 5. A messy bun tutorial. You’d think I’d be able to figure this out on my own, but I can’t do a messy bun to save my life. Maybe this will help! | 6. I really want a subscription to Deeply Rooted. It looks so good. | 7. Since I’m juicing, anything sugary looks amazing. THIS CAKE needs to happen. | 8. Joe Cross’ Mean Green Juicing Recipe. Best-everrrrr. | 9. This paleo homemade chocolate syrup recipe has basically changed my life.


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    • Katie says:

      It’s kind of amazing! I’ve always been on Pandora, but you have SO much more control over what’s in your playlists on Spotify. If you like a song, add it… if you want the whole album, it’s easy… but it’s not going to add 8 other similar artists that you have no idea who they are!

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