How To Re-Set A Bad Day.

I had a really rough morning yesterday. The kids had been AWFUL the day before; whining, fighting, hitting each other… I woke up dreading the day. I wanted to go back to bed, before I ever got out of it. The morning slugged on, & so did I. I couldn’t get out of my own way, couldn’t seem to get anything done. The kids were cranky & edgy. Well, before I knew it… EVERYTHING was AWFUL.

How to Re-set a Bad Day: Let the redeemer do the work!

I knew there had to be a way to reset the day. Find some quiet. As both kids fell asleep, I began praying for change, instead of trying to make change on my own. I heard the voice of truth telling me: “You are Enough. Today IS a good day. I can turn it around. Rest. There is abundance. There is joy. There is peace.”

When I have bad days, I often try to fix them myself. I try to pull myself up by the bootstraps, get out of my own head, & plow through until the end of the day. It reminds me of Martha:

“But Martha was distracted with much serving…”
(Luke 10:40a)

Just like Martha, I get upset because I feel like I’m doing all the work. I get so caught up in making ALL the changes in myself, for myself… by myself… and I forget to rest at the feet of the change-maker.

Friend: God has SO much more for us than that.

While I was quieting my heart, I realized that Jesus is the redeemer. He’s the redeemer of our souls… our lives… & OUR DAYS. He redeemed us on the cross, yes. But He doesn’t stop there: He’s still redeeming us TODAY. All he wants is for us to set aside our Martha “fix everything” attitude, & sit at His feet.

How to Re-set a Bad Day: Let the redeemer do the work.

Today, I encourage you to put aside your list, the noise, the work. Put down the things that are overwhelming you, & sit. Find (or make!) 10 minutes of quiet, & just rest. If you have to hide in the bathroom, or sneak out of the office during lunch: DO it. Fall into the arms of the ONLY one who can redeem your day. Let your worries & stresses be known, & then listen. Wait for a reset. Wait for His voice to come alongside & quiet your storm.


You can redeem this day… but you don’t have to DO anything.

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