Slow Living Giveaway!

Hello, friend!

I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Since I’m starting 30 Days of Slow again in September, I wanted to kick it off with an awesome giveaway! Everything here has either been handmade, or handpicked some lucky person. (I kind of wish I could sign up! 😆) 

SO. Let me tell you what you can win:

Corner Chair Giveaway... Sign up to win 5 hand-picked treasures!

  1. Hang-Knit Hanging Succulent Bowl

    (With a faux succulent!)

  2. $5 gift card to go towards anything in the shop!

    You can use it yourself, or share with a friend!

  3. Pottery Bowl from Target

    Isn’t it adorable?

  4. Set of 4 Hand-Knit Autumn Leaf Coasters 

    In 4 different sizes & colors! 

  5. #SLOWLIVING v-neck t-shirt in your size!

    (Available in S-XXL)

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